Why Traus

The meaning of ‘TRAUS’ comes from both a Dream and a Growing Tree. It is symbolizing technologies and trends of the dental industry. The blue color of ‘Traus’ shows SAESHIN’s desire to be the best manufacturer in the world. Saeshin has long been the type of dental company the industry admires; making quality motors for operative and laboratory needs since 1976. Our Research & Development for Implants, Endodontic and laboratory equipment is second to none, providing equipment the industry can rely on.

That’s why our brand TRAUS MEANS TRUST!


SAESHIN has been manufacturing high-precision dental handpieces since 1976.
Our endless pursuit for customer satisfaction and world’s leading experience, Saeshin R&D had led to successes of endodontic motors and implant engines such as E-CUBE, X-CUBE and TRAUS.

All our products have obtained FDA, CE, KFDA and CFDA and we are exporting to over 120 countries.

SAESHIN is consistently improving technology and premium quality to become one of the top companies in the global dental device market.

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