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The BEST Products for 2018 - Traus SUS 10, Saeshin America

87% of Clinicians Report Evaluators would recommend this product

87% of Clinicians Report Evaluators would recommend this product “Compact surgical system with dual handpieces: a piezo surgical handpiece and an electric implant motor. LCD control panel allows preprogramming of functions, including speed and torque.” Successful freehand placement of dental implants has been accomplished for over 30 years. Surgical guides used in implant placement are an alternative especially when multiple implants are placed or in areas involving minimal bone.
Clinician’s Report, Dec 2017, Vol 10, Issue 12
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Traus SUS10 - Saeshin America

Top 25 “First Impressions” Products

Increasing the efficiency of the dental operatory with multitasking equipment is always beneficial. Technology that can be utilized in diverse clinical areas increases efficiency and productivity. Saeshin America’s Traus SUS10 unit combines ultrasonic and rotary technologies specifically applied to dental implantology and piezo surgery. The ultrasonic handpiece is non-invasive on soft tissue and active only on hard tissue, increasing safety and patient comfort during surgery. The optimized implant motor offers powerful and smooth zero to 70 Ncm torque for the drilling and insertion of dental implant fixtures combined with a 25,000lux LED in the handpiece for great visibility. The precise control of the powerful motor, in addition to the micro controller of the rpm (15 to 2,000), allows for enhanced surface treatment. The SUS10 is an ultrasonic bone cutting and drilling combo system, driven by piezoelectric and micromotor technology, designed for osteotomy and osteoplasty. It is highly indicated for implantology, periodontology, orthodontic surgery, and endodontics. The large and clear LCD screen provides a simple and intuitive user interface. The SUS10 is sleek and modern looking, an excellent addition to the leading-edge implant practice. The packaging is impressive - a great transportation suitcase with excellent organization for all the necessary components. The assembly process is straightforward, with the written instructions supplemented by a memory stick video (also available on YouTube). User instructions are comprehensive with a Quick Manual for easy operation from day one. The foot control is actually a multifunctional pedal that manages rpm, torque, program, irrigation (very important), and rotation direction control; an optional “foot bar” is available. Saeshin’s SUS10 combo unit is the single unit that does all the implant work in the operatory effectively.
Dentistry Today
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Saeshin products for all your surgical needs

NY is a high demand area. Therefore at TawilDental we must always have a backup for all instruments and devices. At the time just before being introduced to Saeshin I had 2 motors and a backup. Unfortunately one of the motors was damaged beyond repair and I became in the market for an additional motor. I explored the option of purchasing a dual motor. I was quite surprised to discover the Saeshin dual unit was quite affordable. The dual unit was intended to be a backup unit but due to its performance, power and quality it became my workhorse primary unit. As the years went by, I continued to purchase additional products from Saeshin such as hand pieces and have been extremely satisfied. I must say I’ve been very impressed by the level of quality, service and support delivered by Saeshin. I highly recommend Saeshin products for all your surgical needs.
Isaac Tawil DDS MS
Brooklyn NY Tawil Dental

Traus SUS10 implant + piezo dual unit

I have been placing implants for over 30 years. I have used a number of different motors over the years including when I am teaching courses. I have been using the Saeshin Implant Motor and Surgical Piezo unit for 5 years. It has been an extremely reliable unit. The convenience of having the Piezo right there is pretty amazing. There is no doubt that it is the best bargain out there. One of the most important things with equipment like this is the quality of the Company. Saeshin has great people in the US and respond immediately when there is an issue. The communication from the company during the process was excellent as well. I think it is a great motor for any implant dentist. Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.
Kevin Frawley DDS
Beverly Hills Dentistry

Oz Elite micro motor set

" The combination of art, science and precision is what is needed to emulate nature. That said, what we see, how we interpret and the equipment we use is all critical to the final result”
Peter Pizzi
Pizzi Dental Studio Staten Island, NY

Saeshin motors and handpieces

We have been using Saeshin motors and handpieces for years. For our private practice and implant seminars. From Saeshin, we have all implant motors from the most economical to the high end. The reasonable prices, good quality and support are good combination. We recommend these products to all our doctors. Thanks for your support.
Mike Shulman DDS.
Clifton, NJ

Saeshin Lab Micro motors

" The combination of art, science and precision is what is needed to emulate nature. That said, what we see, how we interpret and the equipment we use is all critical to the final result”
Peter Pizzi
Pizzi Dental Studio Staten Island, NY

Traus Ultrasonic Surgical Piezo + Implant Dual Engine

I’ve been using Traus Ultrasonic Surgical Piezo + Implant Dual Engine, by Saeshin for about a year now. My experience has been noting but positive. The implant motor and handpiece component is smooth, quiet and powerful without hardly any vibration. The Piezo component is always there when I need it for atraumatic root tip extraction, block bone harvesting or maxillary sinus elevations. All in all, a great cost-effective choice to have in my surgical room with a small footprint.
Kent Hwang DDS.
Angel Dental Group Los Angeles, CA

Traus SUS10

I have been using the combo motor and peers unit and it has not ever once disappointed me, i am so pleased and satisfied with this product and besides that, has an excellent customer service.
Dr. Azadeh Khajavi, DMD
Excellence Dental BV, Mexico

Oz Elite

I had chance to use Saeshin handpiece in the field test and we decided to switch our handpieces to “Oz Elite” model. After we switch, all of technicians really like with torque power and shape of the grip. It has really powerful grind torque and nice shape of handpiece. Specially, female technicians like slim handpiece grip to make less tired with hand. Compare with other handpieces, “Oz Elite” is easy to use and best price in the market. No doubt !
Eric s. Park
Idoc Dental Lab, Inc. Orange, CA