Traus SIP10 implant motor set ( Non-Optic)

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Advanced Implant Engine

TRAUS CRB26XX Non-optic implant handpiece 20:1

TRAUS MBP10SL Non-optic motor

TRAUS XIP10 control box

Foot Pedal and Accessories

Contra Angle Handpiece (TRAUS CRB26XX)

  • Non-Optic, 20:1, Max 2,000 RPM, Weight 2.8 oz

E-type Motor (TRAUS MBP10SX)

  • Non-Optic 40,000RPM, Weight 9.5oz

Control box (TRAUS XIP10)

  • Dimension W233 x D269 x H120, 6.2 lbs
  • Max Torque

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