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Oral Surgery Motor

Oral Surgery Motor

Dental implants are one of the most profitable options available to practitioners, as well as an important offering for their patients. The replacement of missing teeth using implants enables you to give your patients a new level of confidence, while improving their overall health and wellbeing through the ability to eat and chew.

Placement of dental implants requires finesse and skill, however, as well as the right equipment, in order to deliver the services your patients expect and the returns you need. A suitable oral surgery motor is a vital aspect of this equipment, and at Saeshin America we’ve got you covered.

Using Motors for Implant Placement

The best motor for use during implant placement is one that delivers exceptionally high torque, while operating at very low speeds. 

Few options available offer the required torque at the lower speeds necessary to place an implant properly. The Traus SIP10 oral surgery motor is ideally suited to this purpose, because it can run as high as 2,000 RPM with 20:1 angle and as low as 15 RPM.

Choose Between Two Versions of the Traus Motor

Saeshin America has two versions of its Traus SIP10 motor available, both of which have impressive quality and performance records.

Optic Model

The Traus SIP10 optic model is an oral surgery motor equipped with high-performance properties. A comprehensive design process has resulted in features such as nine programmable memory functions. The motor has built-in overload protection as well as the ability to calibrate itself automatically, and the screen displays the effective RPM and torque while the motor is in use which enables the operator to maintain an accurate working function.

Non-Optic Model

The Traus SIP10 non-optic model contains a MBP10SX motor and a CRB26XX non-optic implant handpiece, in addition to other items. The oral surgery motor is intended for use during implant procedures. Its screen displays the actual RPM and torque during operation, giving the operator the chance to maintain the RPM he or she needs to fulfil the implant requirements faultlessly.

Sourcing from Saeshin

Saeshin prides itself on manufacturing the most versatile optic and non-optic motors produced for implant placement, and fulfills its role as a registered vendor of high-precision, dental surgery units. The company is recognized for holding ISO9001 and ISO13485 certification, KFDA, CE, FDA, and CFDA product certification, and strives at all times to provide the best quality products and service for the dental industry.

Finding an Oral Surgery Motor

Sourcing the right motor for your practice doesn’t have to be challenging. The Traus SIP10 set is available from Saeshin America, and it comes complete with a polished, user-friendly appearance and functionality, which enable you to streamline the implant process.

The motor’s auto-calibration function​​ and ability to run up to 70Ncm torque gives you control at your fingertips, while the small size and light-weight handpiece motor helps to reduce wrist fatigue.

The Trius SIP10 has a smart motor control to allow it to provide consistency regardless of the RPM setting. This ensures better safety for your patients during implant surgery. It is also compatible with other angle headpiece models.

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