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Implant Surgical Motor

Implant Surgical Motor

Evidence of the earliest dental implant efforts was discovered in the Mayan civilization, dating back to 600 A.D. Archeologists have since then found ancient skulls in which teeth were carved from materials such as jade and fragments of seashell. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since then, and the art of implants is supported now by dynamic technology and equipment.

What Is an Implant Surgical Motor?

An implant surgical motor is highly useful for the accurate placement of implants, which is an intricate task under any circumstances. It’s essential to use a motor that offers very high torque when operating at low speeds, and the Traus SIP10 set delivers this requirement and more. Available in an optic and a non-optic version, the SIP10 set includes:

  • CRB26XL optic or 26XX non-optic implant handpiece 20:1
  • Traus MBP10SL optic or 10 SX non-optic motor
  • Traus Xip 10 control box
  • Foot Pedal and Accessories

The equipment is specially designed for dental implant and extraction procedures, and also has 9 custom presets built in, as well as automatic overload protection and a real-time RPM torque view system. While the 20:1 handpiece reduces the RPM down to as low as 15, the actual motor can run as high as 40,000 RPM.

Essential Criteria for an Implant Surgical Motor

The most important factor in implant surgery is precision, which can be difficult to achieve if you’re using old fashion or heavy tools that cause wrist fatigue. The ideal motor for your practice, therefore, is one that aims to reduce fatigue by making the equipment user-friendly, through a handpiece design that’s small and light enough for an operator. High visibility and consistent torque also contribute to the precision required, as well as patient safety during implant insertion.

The Traus SIP10 implant surgical motor takes quality design a step further, however, with smart motor control that enables it to perform at a consistent torque level regardless of the RPM setting. This provides safety reassurance during the placement of implants.

Vital Equipment for Any Practice

Any dentist who offers implant services will recognize the importance of investing in the best quality equipment for any implant procedure. Using superior surgical tools enables you to deliver a high-quality result, which is vital for the continued reputation of your practice as well as the viability of your range of services. Your choice of equipment types and models impacts the services you offer as well as the rates you charge, and a quality implant surgical motor is one item you can’t be without.

You Can Trust Traus

Saeshin has manufactured electric motors and handpieces since 1976, and is a renowned global supplier of dental equipment. The company’s remarkable record for delivery of high-precision equipment is supported by certifications in ISO9001 and ISO13485, KFDA, CE, FDA, and CFDA, and we work hard to provide only the highest quality products and repair services for the dental industry. The meaning of the Saeshin name is derived from a Dream Tree and a Growing Tree, which symbolizes the technologies and trends taking place in the dental industry.

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