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Electric Dental Handpiece

Electric Dental Handpiece

Electric dental handpieces come in a range of shapes and sizes, and have a variety of different uses. The main use of dental handpieces takes place in dental laboratories, but many dentists need them in their practice too. Typically, they are used for trimming and polishing porcelain and other dental restorative materials such as composites, metal, and dentures. One type often used is an implant handpiece, which is used for placing dental implants slowly and accurately.

Selecting the Best Electric Dental Handpiece

Dental handpieces are available in a wide range of types, such as high- and low-speed models, brushless handpieces, hygiene handpieces, portable and surgical options. The way the handpiece feels is important, because the weight and balance affect how well the apparatus works for the operator. Each type of handpiece is designed for a specific purpose, so dental practitioners can evaluate the best model for their needs.

The Traus SIP10 optic set comes complete and includes the CRB26XL optic implant handpiece with a gear ratio angle of 20:1, as well as the following items:

  • Traus MBP10SL optic motor
  • Traus Xip 10 control box
  • Foot Pedal and Accessories

This high-quality oral surgery equipment is specially designed for use during dental implant and endodontic procedures. The sets have 9 custom preset functions and include automatic overload protection. The real-time RPM TORQUE view system​ and auto-calibration function are impressive additions, and the equipment is compatible with E-type headpieces.

High Speed vs. Low Speed Handpieces

In a laboratory environment, an electric dental handpiece may be required for heavy-duty grinding on different types of dental restorations in advance of delivery, because the devices need to be adjusted and polished before sending. High speed air-driven handpieces are recommended for tooth preparation, while the lower-speed electric models are better for implantology and laboratory finishing and polishing. You’ll also need to find out what kind of care and maintenance are required when you’re choosing an electric handpiece, to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

Desirable Features of an Electric Handpiece

Most good quality electric handpieces are high-performance devices that have reliable low speed combined with a consistently high level of torque. They are lightweight and are manufactured to stringent specifications. The ergonomic design provides excellent durability, with low levels of noise and vibration. This results in optimal performance of the electric dental handpiece for the practitioner.

Why Purchase from Saeshin?

At Saeshin America, we have manufactured the best electric dental handpieces for more than 40 years. As a recognized supplier of quality dental equipment, we have an exceptional reputation for the delivery of high-precision handpieces. Saeshin America is acknowledged for being in possession of ISO9001 and ISO13485 certification, as well as KFDA, CE, FDA, and CFDA product certification, and we strive at all times to provide the highest quality products and services to the dental industry.

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