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Dental Piezo Surgery

Dental Piezo Surgery

Dental piezo surgery is an improved method of removing tooth structure or hard tissue to prepare for an implant. It ultrasonically removes the hard tissue that is no longer needed, without placing much stress on the bone or patient. Special Piezo tips are used on the handpiece, which enables a saline solution to internally run through it to keep the tooth cool and protect the piezo tip.

History of Dental Piezo Surgery

The term “piezo” stems from the Greek language and means to “put pressure on,” such as the Curie brothers discovered when they created pressure on various crystals. The ongoing technological improvements in the field of oral surgery are contributing to the final outcome of implant rehabilitations, with reduced blood and bone loss, better healing conditions, and more control during a procedure.Piezosurgery, or the use of piezoelectric devices, is being applied increasingly in oral and maxillofacial surgery. The main advantages of this technique are precise and selective cuttings, the avoidance of thermal damage, and the preservation of soft-tissue structures. Through the application of piezoelectric surgery, implant-site preparation, bone grafting, sinus-floor elevation, edentulous ridge splitting or the lateralization of the inferior alveolar nerve are very technically feasible. This clinical overview gives a short summary of the current literature and outlines the advantages and disadvantages of piezoelectric bone surgery in implant dentistry. Overall, piezoelectric surgery is superior to other methods that utilize mechanical instruments. Handling of delicate or compromised hard- and soft-tissue conditions can be performed with less risk for the patient. With respect to current and future innovative surgical concepts, piezoelectric surgery offers a wide range of new possibilities to perform customized and minimally invasive osteotomies.

The Importance of Quality Care

Dentists find it particularly important to provide the best quality care for their patients. During dental implantology and other oral surgical procedures, the serious practitioner can choose to use the highest precision equipment available to ensure the safety and comfort of the patient. The Traus SUS10 optic set is ideally suited for dental piezo surgery and implant surgery, which provides the solutions dentists need in a compact package with an impressive array of features.

Why buy the SUS10 Surgical and Piezo Combo Set

Unlike other manufacturers, the Traus SUS10 gives you two motors in one compact design. One handpiece for Piezo surgery and one handpiece for placing implants. This way it does not take away the limited counter space that is typically found in an operatory setting. The Traus SUS10 offers a powerful piezo handpiece to remove hard tissue without damaging soft tissue and a separate surgical handpiece that delivers the precise amount of Torque at very low speeds. With all of this going for it the Traus SUS10 is typically half the selling price compared to buying two separate motors. The Traus SUS10 is your best choice for having the right handpiece for the right procedure at your fingertips.  

At Saeshin America, we offer the Traus SUS10 Surgical and Piezo handpiece motor set, that delivers impressive quality and performance records:

The implant motor part of Traus SUS10 optic model is developed using a comprehensive manufacturing process, which offers features such as: 9 programmable memory functions, built-in overload protection and the motor’s ability to calibrate automatically, along with screen displaying the RPM and Torque while the motor is in use. On top of that, you can maintain accurate working function using the ergonomic foot switch without ever touching the control panel.

Traus SUS10 available at Saeshin America

Purchasing the optimal equipment for implant procedures is simple, with Saeshin America on your side. With the Traus SUS10’s superb, high-quality design and comprehensive capabilities enables you to enhance the implantation process. Our LED-optic version gives you improved precision and visibility, while the relatively small size and weight of the handpiece helps to reduce wrist fatigue.

The Traus SUS10 also offers smart motor control, which gives it the ability to deliver consistent dental piezo surgery regardless of the difficulty of the procedure. This ensures better safety for your patients during implant surgery.

At Saeshin America, our goal is to deliver the most complete, powerful and safe motors for your practice. We are 100% behind our reputation as a registered supplier of high-quality, precision implant equipment. The company has received recognition for our ISO9001 and ISO13485 certifications, KFDA, CE, FDA, and CFDA product certifications, and aims at all times to deliver the best quality products and services to the dental industry. Order the Traus SUS10 set from your dealer or call us.

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