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Dental Lab Handpiece

Dental Lab Handpiece

Dental technology has advanced tremendously over the past few decades, and nowhere is it more apparent than in the equipment field. Where dentists of old used tools like hand-held instruments , the modern dental laboratory or practice can enjoy all the benefits of the very latest modern equipment. A dental lab handpiece is one of the most common requirements for dental practitioners, which is used to perform a variety of procedures including: adjusting and polishing dental prostheses. For the dental laboratory, grinding, adjusting and polishing of dental prostheses is the most common use.

Types of Dental Lab Handpieces

Handpieces have gone through numerous evolutions over the years, and while every practitioner has their preferred models, a wide selection of dental lab handpiece models are available. These include:

  • High- and low-speed air-driven units
  • Electrical handpieces
  • Brushless handpieces
  • Hygiene handpieces
  • Surgical handpieces
  • Portable handpieces

Dental lab handpieces are designed to be used for specific purposes, so it’s important to have the right models available for your needs, as well as having the equipment necessary for cleaning and maintaining them so they can perform at their best.

Laboratory Utilization

A dental handpiece is typically used in a laboratory environment to perform heavy-duty grinding and adjustments needed for various-types of restoratives. Often, the main purpose of this activity is during the preparation of a restoration before delivery. The manufacturing process of these dental prosthesis can leave behind a certain amount of superfluous material, which needs to be removed before sending the device to the dentist.

Usage in Dental Practices

Once a dental device reaches the office, the dental practitioner needs to make minor adjustments while fitting the patient with their new restorative device. At this point, a dental lab handpiece is highly beneficial for trimming and polishing porcelain, composites, metals and acrylic dentures. It’s ideally suited for use during a patient fitting because of the easy its usage.

Whether you’re performing a major or simple adjustment, the process will go smoother with the right equipment.

Handpiece Features

The handpiece by Saeshin America is a high performance, desktop device characterized by reliable low speeds and high consistent torque. Some are exceptionally thin, light weight, and short, which enables the practitioner to use it in a vertical or horizontal position. With a desktop-type handpiece, this device offers ergonomic design, excellent durability, and low levels of noise and vibration resulting in optimum performance.

Choosing the Right Dental Lab Handpiece

When selecting any dental handpiece, the first criteria is to make a list of the tasks it will need to perform. High speed handpieces are typically used in tooth preparation, while the low speed models are ideally suited to finishing and polishing tasks. Most handpiece models cannot operate effectively at both high and low speeds; but if you need to perform specialized work you may need to choose a specific model.

The second important factor is the feel of the handpiece in the hand of the operator. Weight and balance are important aspects for comfortable operation, and the feel and performance are primary concerns. It’s also essential to determine the type of maintenance and care your handpiece requires, to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your purchase.

In either case, for selection or maintenance guidance, we welcome you to contact us at Saeshin America to help you with your decision making process.

Precautions for Using a Handpiece

Using a dental lab handpiece safely requires taking a number of necessary precautions, including

  • Wearing the correct protective clothing and equipment, such as a dust mask and safety goggles
  • Using the correct Saeshin handpiece and foot pedal with the handpiece control unit
  • Using burs that conform to ISO standards, and which are in suitable condition for use
  • Turning the equipment off while changing the bur
  • Cleaning the handpiece regularly by wiping with isopropyl alcohol
  • Avoiding moisture from collecting inside the handpiece

At Saeshin America, we have been supplying dental lab handpieces for more than 40 years, under the Strong and Forte brand. An established manufacturer with a record for high-precision equipment, Saeshin America is recognized for ISO9001 and ISO13485 certification, and KFDA, CE, FDA, CFDA product certification. We strive to deliver only the highest quality electric motors and services to the dental industry.

For more information or to purchase your dental lab handpiece, please contact us to schedule a consultation.