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Dental Implant Motors

Dental Implant Motors

Dental implant motors are vitally important for any dental practitioner who offers implant placement services. They deliver very high torque levels while running at low speeds, which compares favorably to most air-driven handpieces that run fast but have less torque at lower speeds.

Features to Look For In Dental Implant Motors

There are many types of motors available, especially ones that are inferior in performance. The features you should look for in the right motor are:

  • a smart, user-friendly design, which helps you streamline the implant surgery process.
  • greater precision and durability, which allows for exact placement of the implant and long lasting performance.
  • consistent torque in the motor regardless of the RPM, to ensure the safety of the patient and consistency during the insertion of implants.

It’s also vital for dental implant motors to have a user-friendly design to make it easy to opeate during the implant procedure.

The X-Cube Implant Motor Set

The X-Cube is an implant motor system used for placing dental implants into the bone. A powerful, but simple motor system, the X-Cube is designed for general oral surgery, implantology. The set comes complete with:

  • ACL(B)-41I implant handpiece 20:1
  • F100aEI motor
  • X-cube control box
  • Foot Pedal and Accessories

It also has 9 custom preset functions, automatic overload protection, real-time RPM TORQUE view system​, an auto-calibration function​​, up to 55 Ncm of torque, and is compatible with e-type handpieces.

Choosing the Right Motor

Dental implant motors typically deliver exceptionally high levels of torque to run at very low speeds.  There are some options in the ratio of the handpiece angle that can be used, which are:

  • 20:1 (most common)
  • 16:1
  • 32:1

These different angle reducers allow the RPM to be decresed by the gear ratio of the handpiece angle. X-Cube dental implant motors can run as high as 50K RPM, but the 20:1 reduces the speed to no higher than 2500 RPM and as low as 20 RPM. The features you get depend on which of the dental implant motors you select, but the X Cube model includes:

  • Brushless motor capability
  • Motor speeds of up to 50,000 rpm
  • Higher precision cutting with less vibration
  • A complete set that includes a control box, handpiece, motor, and speed control foot pedal
  • Self-diagnostic error display
  • Support straight and contra-angle handpieces
  • Work memory storage, and
  • Limited 2 years warranty

Benefits of Buying from Saeshin

At Saeshin, we have manufactured dental implant motors since 1991 and electric motors since 1976. The company is recognized as a vendor of quality dental equipment, and has an excellent reputation for supplying high-precision equipment. As holders of ISO9001, ISO13485, KFDA, CE, FDA, and CFDA product certification, Saeshin aims at all times to deliver the best quality products and services to dental practitioners.

For more information on any of our dental implant motors, please contact us.