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Best Implant Motor

Best Implant Motor

A common question dentists typically ask when they are considering offering a dental implant services is “what specialized equipment will I need to invest in to provide this service?” The answer to this will impact everything, from the prices you charge for the services as well as the facilities you set up to accommodate patients wanting implants. A critical issue is finding the best implant motor, without which you could find it challenging to provide a quality service with inferior tools.

The Importance of Implant Surgical Motors

Implant surgical motors are vital in the placement of implants. They deliver extremely high torque that runs at very low speeds. There are a few options in the gear ratio of a handpiece that can be used, which are:

  • 20:1 (most common)
  • 16:1
  • 32:1.

These different angles allow the RPM to be reduced by the ratio of the angle. The Saeshin Implant motor can run as high as 40K RPM, but the 20:1 reduces the speed to 2000, down to as low as 15 RPM.

Features to Look For In a Motor

There are many types of motors available, especially inferior ones. The features you should look for in the best implant motor for your practice, however, include a slick, user-friendly design, which helps to easily use it. Along with using a handpiece that offers greater visibility with an optic LED light and a precision motor that is small and light to reduce wrist fatigue. You also want consistent torque in a motor regardless of the RPM, because this ensures the accurrancy and consistency during the insertion of implants.

Other important attributes for an implant motor is to have a smart motor control, which helps it to deliver consistent torque no matter what your RPM is set at, which virtually guarantees better safety during the insertion of implants. Having multiple memory options also makes for the best implant motor you can find.

The Best Implant Motors Available

Saeshin offers two quality implant motors we stand behind in terms of quality and performance:

  1. The Traus SUS10 Ultrasonic Piezo and Implant Dual Engine offers both options in a single, compact unit that is affordable and competitively priced. The combo handpiece allows for not having to buy two separate units for more counter space in the operatory. Has a stable and powerful output, an easy-to-read control panel with vivid LCD. Also includes a 20-1 contra angle handpiece, a footswitch and 10 Piezo tips.
  2. The Traus SIP10 is a BLDC motor with high performance capabilities. Designed by Saeshin’s R&D technology, it comes with nine program memory functions, automatic overload protection and an auto calibration function. The screen displays the actual RPM and torque during operation, which helps to maintain the proper working condition, and the ergonomic foot controller is a useful addition. This motor comes in an optic model and a non-optic model.

Having all these features makes the Traus SUS10 and SIP10 excellent implant motors for dental surgeons to use, as well as delivering improved safety and performance for their patients.

You’re Safe with Saeshin

At Saeshin, we have manufactured the best implant motors for many years. The company is a recognized supplier of dental equipment with an outstanding record for the delivery of high-precision equipment.  Acknowledged for holding ISO9001 and ISO13485 certification, KFDA, CE, FDA, and CFDA product certification, we work to provide the highest quality products and services to the dental industry.

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